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The opportunity to help grow your hard-earned wealth is one I take very seriously.  I look forward to growing and learning together.

My Story

Jeremy Kokemor grew up in New Orleans, LA.  Growing wealth became important to Jeremy at a young age as the oldest child in a single parent household with limited financial means. He learned that hard work could lead to greater financial security and his first paying job was making $4 per hour in middle school helping teach summer school students. Jeremy continued to work part time throughout high school including his school’s work study program and later financed his college education at the University of Virginia. Jeremy saw hard work as a way to achieve income and investing as a way to turn income and savings into a greater pool of money.


At UVA, Jeremy double majored in Economics and History, graduating with Distinction.  He was passionate about several university activities such as One in Four, Sigma Chi Fraternity, and being a resident advisor.  He was also selected as a lawn room recipient.


After working in investment banking at Ewing Bemiss and investment management at Thompson Siegel & Walmsley, Jeremy graduated from Harvard Business School.  He learned from several fantastic investors with unique investment styles at T. Rowe Price. He became a partner at Private Advisors where he managed a concentrated portfolio of equities while allocating capital to hedge fund managers. Then he returned to Thompson Siegel & Walmsley as an analyst and concentrated portfolio manager.

Jeremy enjoys spending time with his wife and best friend, Ryan, and three children Caroline, Will and Claire.  He loves coaching and cheering for his kids in various sports. He pursues continuous learning which has led him to enjoy personal improvement, a wide range of reading, travel, meditation, skiing and poker.

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